Iguana Tools


LLP Custom Client

Use the llp.lua module to use LLP connections directly from within a Translator script

Map data fields

Use the codemap.lua module to map one set of codes to another, and to validate code membership

Retry periodic failure

Use the retry.lua module to retry operations which might periodically fail

Schedule Channel Run

Use the scheduler.lua module to schedule jobs to run at a specified time of day

Send rich HTML email

Use the mime.lua module to send MIME-encoded email attachments using SMTP

Persistent data store

An easy way to store key/value data pairs in a persistent storage mechanism

String Manipulation Extensions

The stringutil.lua module that contains helpful extensions to the standard Lua string library

Throttle Transaction Volume

Use the throttle.lua module to throttle a function according a specified schedule

Manipulate Table Schema

Create table like DBS schema grammar objects programmatically in Lua code

Find Global Symbols

Use the tools.global.find.lua module to identify unwanted globals in your code

Iguana Info

Use this module to get the version and build information for the Iguana instance

Reformat Report

Use the string.formatText module to split text into shorter lines for display purposes

Strip Unprintable Characters

Use the bin.strip.lua module to strip unprintable characters (\128 to \255) out of a text string

Log Annotate

Use the log.annotate.lua module to indicate which channel component is logging a message