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What is your Iguana project?

  • Introduce yourself to other Iguana users. How did you come to interfacing? What kind of projects are you using Iguana for?

    Casey Trauer,
    Customer Solutions Developer
    & Training Coordinator

    My name is Nicolas Pratt and I am the IS Manager for a Radiology billing company. We currently have multiple interfaces for our existing software and are looking to move 5-10 over to Iguana to save on costs and increase the speed of programming fixes.

    I will be mainly focusing on properly creating new interfaces for existing information and ensuring the interface creation goes smoothly as we grow in the future.

    Hello my name is Mark and I work with medical device software. I’m on the software implementation team and will be writing Iguana scripts.

    I’m James; I’m taking over management and support of the Iguana implementation at the health care organization I work for where we use it to manage interfaces in and out of Cerner and our other supporting systems.

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