What’s Coming

The API Designer has a very active roadmap ahead.

We are working on making an easier work flow for customers that do not have Iguana instances exposed to the web.

The next feature we plan on implementing is support for more complex schema structure that reflects all the details used in typical RESTful APIs like those described in FHIR and other applications.

The goal for this schema is to make the tool good for:

  • Building a FHIR compliant API servers.
  • Easily creating a FHIR client.
  • Building adapters for many different existing APIs.

This builds on the work we have already done with FHIR with the goal of making it even easier to build out FHIR clients and servers.  This screenshot is sneak peek at what is coming:

We also plan to extend the functionality of the designer in these areas:

  • Testing
  • Sharing and collaboration
  • Version history
  • Tighter integration with Iguana
  • Support for HL7 and database schema.

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