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I have a couple of concerns with this approach, but generally speaking, it will work.

    The maximum size of an environment variable in Windows is roughly 32KB. And the total size for all environment variables cannot exceed 32K. Unix and Linux also have limits, but they can vary by distribution and even customized (on Linux, at least).
    Maintaining the JSON string can be a challenge; you’d probably need to keep a copy in a file, update it there (and ideally perform some sort of validation on it), then paste it into Iguana’s Environment Variables editor.
    Editing IguanaEnv.txt directly is possible, but it’s only read at Iguana startup.

My personal preference would be to store the configuration data as JSON in a text file, and write a utility function to read and parse it into a table variable. You can then update the file as necessary and need only to stop/start the channels that use it to activate the settings. As mentioned in previous posts above, though, this file will be outside of Iguana’s version control system and therefore prior versions will not be kept unless you manage that yourself.

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