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A problem with the Alphasort argument to json.serialize

  • I started using the alphasort=true argument to some calls to json.serialize and noticed some problematic behavior.

    I’m starting with a json string looking something like this excerpt:
    “CreatedUpdatedDateTime”: “2017-04-12T03:25:44Z”,
    “EstimatedBloodLossUnit”: null,
    “PreOpPreperations”: [],
    “Patient”: null,
    “Encounter”: null

    An initial parse of this string yields a Lua table with the corresponding elements like this:

    In a later step where I’m re-serializing this table, calls to json.serialze with alphasort=false return a faithful representation of the original.
    If the call is made with alphasort=true, the following is returned:
    “CreatedUpdatedDateTime”: “2017-04-12T03:25:44Z”,
    “EstimatedBloodLossUnit”: “NULL”,
    “PreOpPreperations”: {},
    “Patient”: “NULL”,
    “Encounter”: “NULL”

    Basically, the originally empty results are now serialized with a string value of “NULL”.

    That looks like a bug you have found – thank you for that Casey. We’ll get that fixed. In the meantime one could use gsub to replace “NULL” with null.

    Sounds good, Eliot.
    I’ll explore that.

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