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Adding a MySQL Compliant path to shard library

  • I am trying to connect to a MySQL data source from within a translator. I have an error in the tool that says ‘MySQL’ is not supported. Even though I am referencing api = db.MY_SQL

    I have tried configuring the DB settings and selecting automatically chose MySQL compliant share library, but get the error – Unable to find an installed MySQL library. (see auto check.jpg)

    If I browse to the folder where libmySQL.dll then I get the error ‘Invalid or unsupported MySQL library. (see browse to.jpg)

    I have installed MySQL server 8.0.

    Any guidance would be much appreciated.


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    Hi cbiddle,

    Unfortunately MySQL drivers beyond version 5.7 aren’t supported in any currently released version of Iguana. However we have already added support for MySQL 8 drivers in the upcoming Iguana 6.1.1 release which should be going within the next couple months.


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