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Any known issues in OS X 10.10.3?

  • I know it’s still in beta, but on my newly upgraded test laptop I cannot a login page on my existing instance. I even tried created a brand new one to no avail. Iguana seems to launch okay, channels are starting but I cannot get to the dashboard to save my life.

    M.R. McBee

    Just to follow up on this it’s not a 10.10.3 issue. It’s a deployment issue that just happened to time itself when I updated my Dev laptop to 10.10.3, I’m still not sure what the precise issue is but after downgrading the OS and playing with other iguana deployments I can say the upgraded OS is not the issue.

    I opened a case with support and I’ll post my findings back once it’s resolved.

    M.R. McBee

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