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api_query issues

  • Hello,
    We are using Iguana 6.0.5 and are experiencing a couple issues with the api_query. From the translator we call the api_query like this

    net.http.get{url='http://localhost:6543/api_query', parameters={username='user', password='pass', limit=10, type='messages', reverse='true', refmsgid='20160809-10297'},live=true}

    The refmsgid isn’t always the same, only hard coded it for this example

    Issue #1: When the results come back we get all log entries (Debug, Info, Error, Messages etc) not just messages. Why is that when the type parameter is only messages?

    Issue #2: Not every time but often enough when I give it a refmsgid no results are returned. The response comes back as <export success="true"></export>. If I get a direct link to the message, ex http://localhost:6543/log_browse?refid=20160809-10297, and resubmit the message and then use the api_query it will be able to find the message again. The message is still in the log but for some reason api_query cannot find it.

    The first issue is a minor annoyance but we can code around it. The second issue is a big problem for us. Is there something we are doing wrong with the query parameters?

    Thank You!

    I’m seeing issue #2 as well. Sometimes an api_query call will return no matching logs even when logs exist.

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