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Assigning new value to MSH.10

  • I’m pulling a message out of the logs, and need to pass it back into another channel on the same server. The issue, however, is I need the MessageControlID to be changed. I’ve pulled the message into a translator, I’ve got this so far:

    function modMessage(MsgIn)
       local T = hl7.parse{vmd='HL7_2.7.vmd',data=MsgIn}
       T.MSH[10] = T.MSH[10]..'_fromHold'
       MsgIn = tostring(T)
       return MsgIn

    The error I’m getting is when I’m trying to reassign T.MSH[10], where I get:
    Message Control ID is read-only, and cannot have a new value assigned to it.

    After I reassign the value, I’ll put it back into a string and send it on its way, but I need to get past this hurdle. My searches in the KB were (as usual) not helpful.

    -Robert James,
    Interface Analyst,
    GetWellNetwork, Inc.

    You’ll need to make an HL7 tree you can alter. The trick is to do something like this:

    function modMessage(MsgIn)
    local Msg = hl7.parse{vmd='HL7_2.7.vmd',data=MsgIn}
    local Out = hl7.message{vmd='HL7_2.7.vmd', name = Msg:nodeName()}
    Out.MSH[10] = Out.MSH[10]..'_fromHold'
    MsgIn = tostring(Out)
    return MsgIn

    I may have the parameters the wrong way around but that is the general idea. The demo filter channel in Iguana shows this pattern.

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