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Avoiding Spurious Log Errors During Resubmission

  • In the latest versions of Iguana, the resubmission feature for a message queue entry processed by a translator will actually execute the translator’s code while it’s in the resubmission editor. Fortunately, this execution environment is very similar to the Translator Editor, in that database operations that accept a a “live=” argument will not make changes to the databases referenced. However, any calls to iguana.logError() and its relatives will execute, and will create actual log entries for the channel in which the resubmission is being made, without actually resubmitting it.

    To avoid these potentially misleading log entries, you can wrap calls to the Iguana logging functions with a conditional based on the return of iguana.isTest(). A sample:

       if iguana.isTest() then
          iguana.logInfo("Resubmission " .. alert)

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