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Channel Strategy for multiple Iguana servers

  • Greetings!
    We currently have two Iguana prod servers, but as we continue to migrate our interfaces to Iguana, it’s evident we’ll need 4+ servers. We want to reduce the need (thus the load) for channels between our Iguana servers, so we’re thinking of splitting them up by message type, as best as possible. For example having one server handle ADT and SIU messages, and another server handle ORM and ORU messages. A third server might handle smaller volume channels but also handle channels accessing a database. Of course we’ll be monitoring our message volume (somehow) and performance indicators as we add more channels, so it may not be that straight forward. There will also be some channel dependencies to consider.
    I’m interesting in hearing from others that are using multiple Iguana Production servers on your strategy and experiences.

    Thanks, Greg
    Evergreen Health

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