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Client side deployment use case.

  • I have a use case that requires a software application to reside on a client’s network behind their firewall. The software application will parser HL7 messages at the client site before sending the information to our data center.

    Using Interfaceware’s product mix for this use case, I would have used Chameleon to develop the software application that lives at the client site and have the software application talk to Iguana running in our data center. However, I do not know if this implementation is entirely correct since I am not familiar with all of Iguan’s deployment options.

    Any thoughts as to how Iguana could be applied to the client side part of this use case?


    Install Iguana at the client site and have it talk to Iguana running in your data center. Prefer using Iguana for development of new interfaces.

    Yes – quite a number of customers do this. Because you can do a manual install of Iguana you use it as a starting point to make your automated install.

    You can customize what channels are pre-configured etc. Iguana 6 does change things in that the new repository back end is GIT rather than fossil but in principle it should be possible to do the same type of thing.

    Would you or your customer be installing Iguana at the site? I’ve seen customers turn Iguana into what amounts to a VPN client – taking in HL7 and using HTTPS to forward it to a central site.

    I infer from your responses that Iguana can be installed on the client’s network. And this would be part of the scenario.

    Since my company would be responsible for the installation and configuration at the client site it raises several other questions:

    1. What are the license requirements for a client side installation?
    2. How would we monitor the remote Iguana installation from our data center?
    3. Etc

    There quite a few ways of doing it.

    If you get in touch with support we can probably set up a session to talk through how other people have done this etc.

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