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Convert HL7 to XML

  • I am looking for something that seems simple in concept, but appears difficult in practice using Iguana — unless I’ve missed something completely, and it would be nice if that were the case. I have a need to take a message received in HL7 notation and convert it to XML. Just straight up, convert it so that




    Is there a simpler way to do this than brute-forcing it by using :append to construct it as one long string?

    -Robert James,
    Interface Analyst,
    GetWellNetwork, Inc.

    OK, making process. The solution is dependent on the VMD for structure of the final XML file. What I’m seeing so far is that I can create a VMD that has a table (I’m using the MSH segment as a test) called MSH, and the column names are like “Field.1”, “Field.2”, and so forth. This is producing the following output:


    All of this is happening in the VMD, though, and it’s not something I want to have to work out — I’d prefer to stick with Lua code in the translator. But if I do that, I have to manually build the segments using appends, is that correct?

    -Robert James,
    Interface Analyst,
    GetWellNetwork, Inc.


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