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Daily Channel Message count

  • Hi Guys,

    Just a simple question but do we have out of the box visibility on daily message counts per channel for example?

    Is it something I can check already or do I need to write a script to get this information? I am aware that there is a log API but unsure if I can just get a message count as the daily volume of data would probably be too big to return in a HTTP response.

    The other option that I could see would be to add a counter on these channels with some date time conditions to get this information.

    Any tips, info or feedback is appreciated!

    Best regards,

    Hi Colin,

    There is an internal counter for inbound messages over LLP, HTTP and From Channel; however it is not organized as a daily message counts and it can be reset. You can find this information in the component configuration screens at the right pane under status. I believe you can query this information through the Channel API.

    For other types of interfaces/components (such as file, database and web service clients), there is no count as those messages are not queued into Iguana unless you specifically pass them through a To Channel component. In this scenario, “message” is much more subjective anyway. For example, is one CSV file a message, or do we actually want to count all the records in the CSV file? There are other ambiguities: Should we count messages once, or more if they are re-sent through the system? Do we count the day messages are processed or the day they are generated from the receiving system? Different implementers may have different requirements.

    Because of this ambiguity, I would recommend building a simple module that stores message counts in a SQLite database. A simple function in your script can increment the proper DB field at the point in processing that makes the most sense for each type of interface.

    Casey Trauer,
    Director, Client Education


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