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db.connect outside main(): Parameters outside channel

  • I have my db.connect{} outside of main() for performance reasons but a new requirement states the db parameters must be held in an external file. It’s trivial to do this if the connect is done inside main, but how can I get the parameters into the filter if connect{} is outside main? Thank you in advance.

    Just a matter of writing a function and calling it in the body of the main lua module for the translator instance.

    In reality when you write:

    local DB = db.connect{...}

    It’s actually doing a function call to that function.

    Sometimes for debugging if I can be bothered I will write a function which uses a boolean variable outside of main like this:

    local Initialized = false
    function Init()
       if not Initialized then 
           -- Do initialization       
           Initialized = true;
    function main(Data)

    The nice thing about this is that you get annotations and intellisense so it makes it easier to write the code.

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