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Defining XML structure from a schema

  • Hi,

    Is there any way to define a XML message using XSD instead of the XML of the message?

    I am converting from HL7 (ORU R01) to a custom XML structure that has multiple levels of repeating elements and the XML document needs to be aware of the repeating elements at multiple levels.

    I have attached the XSD for reference.


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    This is not something that is supported out of the box in the translator. xml.parse does a DOM style parse but there is not more support than this for XSD etc. schema.

    Thanks Eliot,

    Are there any examples of populating XML that contains more than 1 row in the output or rows within rows?

    Or should I be looking at Chameleon files to transform the HL7 to XML?


    This is a good example of a building up a very non trivial mapping of a CCD:

    I hope that helps! What is the nature of your project Gavin?

    Thanks Eliot,

    That’s exactly what I am after.

    As for the nature of the project I am currently evaluating Iguana as a replacement to our current interfacing tool and we process a lot of XML messages as system to system communication as well as converting HL7 to XML for consuming in our system, and XML to HL7 for sending outbound, hence the need for well defined XML documents.


    Very good – well I hope that is a helpful resource. All the best!

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