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DMZ Best Practices

  • Due to our work with multiple clients, we have our Iguana instance set up in the DMZ. We have been having some issues with our translator queues building up from time to time. With some investigation, it is believed that the issue may be that the translators are making calls across the firewall to the database servers that sit inside our network. The calls are bogging down the firewall and thus the backup occurs.

    We are looking at various options to try and help alleviate this issue. The options we have considered thus far are to set up an Iguana instance in the DMZ to just be a receiver and do no processing. It would pass the messages through to another instance inside the network that would then communicate with the DB servers so that communication does not go across the firewall. Another option is some other proxy server or receiver that sits in the DMZ and does the same as above. Have any others out there run into similar issues? Does anyone have a configuration where data is received outside the network in the DMZ and is then sent for processing inside the network? What solutions are you using?

    Greg Tataryn | Interface Engineer | Glytec Systems | e:

    Greg, I had the same question and thought of the same design.
    @iNTERFACEWARE, Can iNTERFACEWARE confirm if this approach is OK or suggest if there is a better one?


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