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Dynamic Lua Code

  • Just wondering if anyone use global.load, .loadfile, and .loadstring.
    If does, what is your use case.

    We used it within the company as a means of enabling unit testing with the spinner module.


    For reference.

    Are you using it for something? It’s probably not something to use a for a run of the mill interface.

    Not at this time.
    Just want to know if anyone is using it and how it is use.
    I’m thinking about using it as way to dynamic load the filter logic for EPIC event notification and use Iguana as push notification service.

    I experimented with this as a way to enable custom validations that could be defined in a configuration file and loaded at runtime without having to modify and milestone the channels. I later decided against this (I no longer remember why, though) and replaced the configuration entry with the name of a lua function to invoke instead (including some code to “walk” the table references to invoke functions contained in tables/objects). The new solution does require modification of the channel code if a new validation is needed, but over time we’ve built up a nice little library of reusable functions that can be used.

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