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EDI X12 TCP Listener (server side) test tool

  • This is test tool to help X12 interface development. Quite similar to our HL7 Listener test tool. It will accept X12 message and reply with specific TA1 acknowledgement.

    Create Iguana channel of type ‘From LLP Listener to Channel’.
    In Source component set Acknowledgements to be prepared by Translator script.
    Import the project attached below.

    To match configuration in attached project, configure LLP Listener as following:

    Source LLP Listener
    LLP delimiters	Custom LLP: messages begin after "\x0B" and continue until "\x1C"
    ACKnowledgment Settings
    ACK	Translator
    SSL Settings
    Use SSL	

    Start to send EDI X12 messages to this Listener and get matching TA1 Acknowledgements (4010) sent in return.

    If configuration values in project need to be changed, remember to reconfigure the LLP Listener to match new values.

    Very easy to enhance to 5010, if needed.

    Happy testing!

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