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Export a translator project that is under development and not yet committed?

  • I have a fairly large translator project that I’ve been working on with updates in a number of modules.
    I would like to move this development effort to a different iguana instance – but without committing this incomplete work to the current channel.
    I know I could export the project to a zip file (which would bring down the last commit) and go to each updated module in the editor and copy the current code into the downloaded project.

    But I’m hoping there might be some way to export the current project as it exists in my editor (and I presume my user repo?). This would be much easier and less error prone.


    Hi Casey,

    Unfortunately, this is not possible. You will need to commit the changes to export the channel or project to get the most updated version of your code.

    Alternatively, you can create a temporary channel and copy and paste your translator code and recreate the modules in this new channel. You can then commit the changes and export the project as needed

    Oh well. Thanks for the confirmation, Junie.
    Would be a nice feature/ability.

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