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File Destination Location

  • Is it possible and if so how, to set a network share as the file destination?

    This would save me from having to write a file watcher/mover type application.

    Any Assistance would be appreciated.


    I’ve done this with other integration engines. The key is to run the application under a domain account with access to network shares rather than a service account. To do this you’d need to modify the properties of the Services entry for Iguana to provide it with domain/AD credentials rather than having it run under the LocalSystem account.

    If you’re running on Linux and can mount a CIFS/SMB filesystem, Iguana would definitely be able to access that (assuming permissions were set appropriately, of course).

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    Yup that’s the key.

    I have a few of these right now with a windows install of iguana. A few guidelines –
    – Use the full unc for the share for the path – \\server.domain.etc\share\ that way you will avoid any name resolution issues

    – For permissions you can either run the iguana service as a domain user or you can add the computer account to the file permissions on the share. For example to add the service account for a server named “server” you would browse go to add permissions on the folder, be sure to include “computers” in object types and enter “server$” as the account.

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