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General question about vmds

  • I’m trying to understand when a vmd needs to be created. From playing with the trial version it appears I need a vmd that matches the incoming message and another to match the outgoing message, assuming I need to change the mapping between in and out. Is that the correct understanding?



    VMD’s are necessary when working with either HL7 v2 messages or X12 messages. They are what define the structure and rules of the incoming and outgoing messages so that Iguana can parse them effectively. You are correct in assuming that you need a VMD to define your inbound message and your outbound message if you wish to map data between the two of them.

    VMD’s can be created using our Chameleon application.


    It’s the hl7.parse and hl7.message APIs in particular within the translator that VMDs are really useful – better than parsing say using plain Lua.

    db.tables and db.merge also use vmds files in a different way – these are useful when inserting data into database tables.

    Hope that helps!

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