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Good techniques for trouble shooting Iguana Web Apps

  • Some of the web apps are really handy like the Channel Manager. Like any piece of software though running these things in certain environments can expose problems that you might need to jump in and diagnose.

    It’s pretty easy to do if you know this little trick.

    Say you get a exception on the screen for an app. What you can do is go jump into the From HTTPS translator instance for the app and then import the HTTP transaction which caused the exception.

    Not everyone is aware of where this import feature is I’ve attached a little screen shot which shows what to look for – the dialog comes up when you click on the middle of the sample data ‘video controller’ display. I’ve put green ellipsis on the middle of the control which is where you click to get the import drop down and the HTTP log button.

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    Once you have the imported HTTP transaction it usually becomes pretty easy to dig in and figure out the problem since you can just to the place the exception is happening and use all the normal code navigation to find the issue.

    If you have any questions feel free to raise them here and we’ll do our best to help.

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