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Happy Holidays 5.6.16 Release

  • Iguana 5.6.16 just got version stamped this morning. We’re putting it through some last QA before uploading it our website. There is definitely some goodies that have made it into the release that will be very useful.

    The new regular expression based pattern matching methods for string manipulation are in there – this is rxmatch, rxsub as well as having :S() and :split() functions built directly into Iguana. That should make Iguana easier for someone new to environment to get down and be productive.

    There are new APIs which can give you the list of active user sessions:
    e.g. http://localhost:6543/session/list will return a JSON list of all active session ID’s
    e.g. http://localhost:6543/session/detail?id=xyz will return details about the session.
    And there is a new API which allows you to automatically license or get license information about an Iguana instance:
    e.g. http://localhost:6543/license/detail will return a JSON object with your current license details
    e.g. http://localhost:6543/license/update?key=xyz will update your license key to xyz and return a JSON object with your new license details

    There are lots of other good things we have in the pipeline which didn’t make it into this release but they will no doubt have to wait until after the holidays.

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

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