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High Availability & Horizontal Scaling Strategies

  • Does anyone out there have any experience running Iguana in a highly available, horizontally scaled cloud environment?

    We are interested in running Iguana on AWS EC2. Our ideal configuration would be to have a fleet of EC2 instances, all running the exact same Iguana config (same channels, etc) behind an Elastic Load Balancer, so that we can scale that fleet up and down if needed. Is this someone has done before, or is this sort of configuration even possible with Iguana?

    Alternatively, we would also be interested in a fail-over architecture in which we have 2 EC2 instances with the same Iguana configuration, but one in active service (hot) and the other on standby — with this architecture, we would be able to fail over to the standby should something go wrong with the hot server. Likewise, this would be behind an ELB. Is this config something someone has experience with?

    We would really appreciate any feedback or insight with regard to high availability and scalability when running Iguana, especially from anyone who has experience running in at AWS.


    Hi Daniel,

    Both high availability and elastic horizontal cloud-based scale lie at the heart of our Enterprise offering. You account manager would be happy to explore those options with you, if you like.

    Hope this helps,



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