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HL7 Simulator is only processing first message out of 10,000

  • Hi,

    I have a file of 10,000 hl7 messages to test using the hl7 simulator.
    The first message is passed from my file through to the simulator and to my channel which POSTs a call to my remote webserver, but then the simulator doesn’t read anymore messages after the first. I have 10,000 messages in the file that the simulator is using as its source.

    Why doesn’t the simulator automatically try to parse all of the messages listed in my file?

    I don’t need a listener because I am making a restful HTTP POST inside my script.


    You can use Iguana channel of type “from … to LLP Client” in order to send 10,000 messages.

    Imad, do you have “Keep sending messages when an ACK is received” checked?

    Also, you might try enabling “Treat any incoming data as an ACK” if your ACKS aren’t quite standard.

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