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How to iterate in HL7 message and modify it

  • I want to iterate through generated HL7 message and do some modifications. I am using Chameleon IDE version 3.3. As far as I searched, I am able to iterate using input_segment_iterator object but is it possible to use in out bound post process equation (as modifications should be after generation of message) as manual says I can only use it in Transformation Script? And if I put my script in Transformation window, how can I make this script to be get called each time vmd generate message? As now I am using Test Mapping for testing purposes, how to call it dynamically during generation of messages? Please help.

    We recommend to use Iguana for iterating HL7 messages, not Chameleon.

    Chameleon 3.3 has been deprecated many years ago and you have to upgrade to current version, especially if you expect compatibility with current operating systems, etc…

    For self-learning path, we offer free online Tutorials. Old Chameleon manual is available at, but even this one has content updated to last Chameleon version, so that you will find in Manual and Tutorials many things tht your version 3.3. doesn’t have.

    For Support questions, please email

    Thank you so much for your answer. I know I need to update Chameleon version, but if for the time being I am stuck with it and as you said that I should use Iguana for iterating message to do modifications in it, can you guide me how this is possible or send me any link which might help me?

    If you actually going to upgrade and to obtain Iguana license, then try to start your learning path with ‘Self-paced Training’or ‘Classroom Training’ as suggested at

    For quick self-starters, we offer complete online documentation at

    If you opt to stay with Chameleon version 3.3, then closest to your needs documentation is at But even this one has content updated to last Chameleon version. So that you will find in Manual and Tutorials many things that your version 3.3 doesn’t have.

    For questions about obtaining Iguana license please contact

    For technical questions please contact

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