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HTTP Channel Performance

  • I am sending HTTP Post from my PC to iguana HTTP Channel. The HTTP post contains the encrypted NHS number.
    Iguana does the decryption and searches Oracle database and sends a response back.

    It takes about 13, 14 seconds to get the response back from iguana. It appears t

    Are there any known performance issues with HTTP channels?

    Hi Canyet,

    There should be no issues with the performance of the HTTPS channel by itself. We use these a lot for our internal integration needs.

    It’s odd – the email notification I saw showed code but not in this web forum.

    I would suggest that you try putting a couple of iguana.logInfo() statements into the channel and see where the bottle neck is occurring. It should all drop out in the wash once you can spot the bottle neck.

    Hi Eliot,

    I have just emailed my code to iNTERFACEWARE Support .

    I will try iguana.logInfo() to identify the bottle neck.


    This was not an iguana issue. It has been identified that the delay was caused by the network and only impacted the first message.

    Thanks for your help.

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