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Iguana 6.0.2

  • What’s new in Iguana 6.0.2

    The latest release adds powerful new features to Iguana’s Translator API, and improves support for import, export, and revert functionality. Some highlights include:

    • Cryptographic tools for signing, encrypting and decrypting text
    • Built-in string manipulation APIs
    • Improved handling for import and export of channels that use each other as data sources or destinations
    • Several other bug fixes and improvements
    • To see the complete list of changes, visit the Iguana change log

    Lots of cool new stuff in 6.0.2, Brett! I’m frankly surprised it was considered only a minor point release.

    Keep up the great work! 😀

    Jeff Drumm ◊ VP and COO ◊ HICG, LLC. ◊

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