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Iguana 6.1

  • The iNTERFACEWARE product team is delighted to announce the public availability of Iguana 6.1.

    This release offers significant performance enhancements and a host of new features, including advanced cryptographic utilities, convenient VMD file tracking, and the ability to force the stop of channels blocked by external processes.

    When operated with a Professional or Enterprise license, Iguana 6.1 enables audit tracking of all views and retrievals of log entries, and also enables encryption of the Iguana logs.

    For a full list of what’s new and what’s improved in Iguana 6.1, please see the Iguana change log.

    I have a Iguana v6.1.0 global dashboard instance and I have found the search term does not reapply when returning to the global dashboard.

    Repro steps:
    1) From the global dashboard, search for a channel then click into it.
    2) Follow the breadcrumb back to the global dashboard
    3) The global dashboard’s search term is still present, but not applied
    —> can re-apply manually by editing then hitting enter

    Full disclosure: the global dashboard is v6.1.0, but the monitored instances are v.5.6.20

    Hi Joshua,

    Thank you for your note. The dev team is aware of this issue and it’ll be fixed in the next point release.



    Can you please provide the docker image for Iguana Interfaceware 6.1?


    Hi Pritam,

    You are more than welcome to install Iguana in a containerized environment, however we are not currently providing container images for Iguana. If you wish to use Iguana in a container, you must create the images yourself.

    Best Regards,

    Pearce Herchenrader
    Product Manager

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