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Intersystems Cache Database ODBC connection.

  • I am trying to connect to a Intersystems Cache Database with ODBC.

    I have the 32bit and 64bit ODBC Intersystems driver installed and working on the server.

    In the lua script though I am not sure how to connect.

    conn = db.connect{api = db.SQL_SERVER, name=’ADS’, user=’xxxxx’,password=’xxxxxxxx’}

    What db.connect should I use or how to I connect using the ODBC connection ?


    Hopefully someone from Interfaceware can chime in, but I’ve found that you can at least execute simple queries using the db.ORACLE_ODBC api selection. Create an ODBC DSN in ODBCAD32.exe, configure the host IP, port (Cache SuperServer port #, normally 1972), and namespace that holds the tables. In your db.connect parameters, specify the name of the ODBC DSN for the ‘name’ parameter. I’ve attached some screenshots using the SAMPLES namespace and Sample database schema.

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