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Issue with os.fs.glob() on Windows when the folder names have square brackets

  • I have an external application which creates files in folders which look like this:
    When I attempt to use os.fs.glob() to list the files in this folder, I receive this error:

    [CS00]-[Cardinal]/*.*: is recursive

    I’ve tried a number of things in an attempt to escape the square brackets, but to no avail.
    Some things I’ve tried:

    Any suggestions?

    I’ve also tried these, at Lev’s suggestion:

    The first two resulted in a different error (“not found”), and the third resulted in an error similar to the original: "[CS00]-[Cardinal]"/*: is recursive


    Unfortunately os.fs.glob() does not support handle folder names in the directory path containing square brackets.

    We suggest that you consider choosing a different folder name which does not contain square brackets. Alternatively, you could copy the source folder into a different folder name which does not contain square brackets and then use os.fs.glob() on that folder.

    Sam Bender

    Function os.rename() can help to rename the original folder with a new less ambitious name.
    The standard Lua function glob() should work with non-ambitious paths. This function is accessible in Iguana as os.fs.glob()

    I don’t have control over the folder names. I coded a workaround using a popen of CMD to get the directory listing, parsing it, then iterating over the results calling os.fs.stat myself to get that information. Not as clean. but it works.

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