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LLP -> Translator: how to avoid queueing incorrect HL7 message programmatically

  • Hi,

    I use Iguana to receive HL7 requests and to translate them into a different format.

    But in case of corrupt wrong message format, I would like to prevent programmatically, that the message is pushed to the queue.
    One kind of those wrong format is “The header segment ‘MSH’ was not found.”.

    But currently, the message is pushed directly on entering the main function:
    – Calling main function
    – Message committed to queue.
    – Message committed.
    – The header segment ‘MSH’ was not found.

    The last log is traced, during call of hl7.parse

    Can you show us your code? Unless you’re calling queue.push() or have Use Filter set to No, the message should not be placed in the queue. It sounds like you are using a filter and performing a queue.push(), though, so seeing what’s going on in the translator will be helpful.

    What version of Iguana?

    Jeff Drumm ◊ VP and COO ◊ HICG, LLC. ◊

    Hi Jeff,

    thank you for your quick reply.
    Yes, you are right, I used the wrong settings.

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