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Logging and directing messages to channels.

  • 2 of my greatest pains with Iguana Directly have to do with Logging and message handling.

    My first wish:
    I would like the ability to direct a message to a specific channel in the Lua script. Currently with 1 channel that is connected to about 20 other channels, every messages is processed by the 20 channels. So not only do I have to code each of those channels to only accept what they need, but it makes a huge mess out of the logging when you are trying trace something down. And seems like an unnecessary waste of resources, from time of each channel processing to the amount of log entries.

    My second wish:
    To be able to completely turn off any logging for specific channels. or at least the ability to turn off logging of files on channels that handle pdf files or etc. Logging a copy of the pdf files just creates a huge log file that uses more space than needed. In my case I don’t really need to log those pdf’s, just the transaction.

    — End of wishes.

    While I have myself over time have become accustomed to the issues above, when another staff member has to review the logs or etc, they become “lost” trying to decipher all the excessive logging.

    Just my thoughts…


    Hello Steve,

    Thanks for sharing your wishes. I have two suggestions for you:
    1) Shared Module: in the lua translator, you have the option to create shared module which allow you to easily import them across different channels.

    2) Design Update: there are a few ways to avoid Iguana log PDF messages in the queue. A) save PDF locally and only pass the message header/ID in the queue. Then pick up the PDF when your channel is ready to send. B) reduce total numbers of channel queues (ex. write all your parsing and mapping in one translator) and send.

    Hope above suggestions could help. Also, iFW has support services and solution architects that can provide you more suitable solutions.

    I have the same situation with the one-to-many setup.
    My understanding, iFW is redesigning logs and queues.
    For now, I set the inbound to Errors Only, and turn off the filter logging. That helps a lot, but there are still multiple entries in the logs.

    Steve Ela
    Macro Helix / McKesson
    Software Developer / Integration Lead / Scrum Master

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