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LUA: writing to 2 DB tables, 1 row to 1 and mutiple rows to 2

  • Is there a way to write 1 row to 1 table and 2 (or more) rows to another using the same VMD which has both tables defined in it. The 2nd table takes multiple rows corresponding to the single row in the first table.


    Please, disregard. I was able to do this by making 2 separate message segments in the VMD file and employing a LUA WHILE loop.

    Tricky to answer without more information.

    I would say yes.

    But it’s probably not the entire answer you are looking for?

    There is a lot of flexibility with what you can do. For instance if the 2nd table has column names which match the first table you can write a loop to go through a row in first table and copy it into another table. There are methods like nodeValue() and nodeName() and using the # operator to get the count of children (i.e. columns in a table row).

    Are you wondering about setting up primary key relationships?

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