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Mapping HL7 to JSON (with template)

  • Hello All,

    I wathced this video ( demonstrating how to map HL7 to HL7, Hl7 to DB or HL7 to XML and started to wonder that is it possible to create JSON template in a same way as in XML part and map data from HL7 to it?

    local Outbound = json.parse{data=template} should work as with XML, but in what form should that template be.

    I tried to search knowledge base for information, but couldn’t find anything about mapping, only parsing and serializing.

    It is possible in a way by using tables. Here is example template that has also group in it…try it out.

    require ‘node’

    Jtemplate = {[“Key1”]=’value1′, [“key2”]=’value2′,[“Group”]={[“Key3″]=”, [“Key4″]=”}}

    function main(Data)

    local hl7message ,Name = hl7.parse{vmd=vmd,data=Data}
    local mapHL7toJTemplate = Jtemplate

    mapHL7toJTemplate.Key1 = hl7message.MSH[6][1]:S()
    mapHL7toJTemplate.key2 = hl7message.MSH[12]:S()
    mapHL7toJTemplate.Group.Key3 = hl7message.MSH[9][1]:S()
    mapHL7toJTemplate.Group.Key4 = hl7message.MSH[9][2]:S()

    json.serialize{data=mapHL7toJTemplate, compact=true}


    You could do it programmatically in a loop also if you leverage the # operator to give the count of nodes, nodeValue() and nodeName() and nodeType() to get the values, names and type of each HL7 node.


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