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Node Module

  • I’m trying to use the helper method for seeing if a node with a certain name exists (, however my node module doesn’t have a function for nodeName so it crashes on that. Looking at what should be in the node module I’m missing pretty much all of it, I only have 3 functions. I’ve spent ages looking through the help and cannot find a copy of what the node module should look like before it’s customised.

    Can someone please supply me with either the nodeName function or even the full function list for the node module?

    Hey Ian,

    It sounds like you have made redefined the node module rather than added stuff to it. Our QA person did that a few months ago and it resulted in Iguana crashing. I think we tweaked things in the upcoming release to make it handle that but one should be careful still not to redefine the node table itself.

    Hope that helps

    Thanks Eliot, I do suspect the node module may have been messed with at some stage. I’m currently running the latest release and it’s still an issue, am I able to get an updated copy of what the node module should look like to fix it?

    I think the fix went into 5.6 which only went into code freeze today. I would favour fixing the root problem – don’t redefine node.

    Raise a ticket with support if necessary.

    No problems at all, it’s not urgent as I’m currently handling it with a pcall statement to get the value from a node, so if it doesn’t exist it’s handled, I was just trying to do it a neater way by checking if the node name existed. I’ll wait for the new version to come through and if it’s still an issue after that I’ll log a ticket.

    Thanks for your help.

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