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On suggestions and feedback themselves …

  • Iguana is a great product and has lots of great positive features.

    The development environment does have lots of great productivity concepts implemented as features intended to shorten the development cycle. One must think along those concepts to make best use of the environment and its features. I happen to favor the very concepts implemented in the current environment.

    I took all (yes, ALL) the free training available for Iguana and read a very large portion of the documentation for version 6 and 5. I have a working knowledge of Lua and read the bulk of the Iguana-apps repository and documents they link to.

    Given all of that, I am afraid that trying to describe,in short prose, features that may enhance the product may come across as adversarial or as a complaint, when in fact, they are intended to improve the product.

    Can we establish that one is here to improve the product and not to knock it ?

    I will park this topic here until I receive a reply to proceed.

    Go ahead, you are welcome. We’re usually not short of ideas of how to improve Iguana – there always seems to be a much larger set of ideas that the time and talent to implement them but it doesn’t hurt to get a few more ideas.

    It’s funny – the Iguana Configuration Manager idea is an idea I had a few years ago but it takes time and effort to move these things forward…

    Iguana Configuration Utility

    Ok. I will add them as separate topics.

    I am all for a central ‘Idea Repository’ of sorts.
    Just getting into Iguana here, but I’m sure I can think of something!

    Steve Ela
    Macro Helix / McKesson
    Software Developer / Integration Lead / Scrum Master

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