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Other Uses for Iguana

  • Anyone have any interesting stories about Iguana, that do not involve HL7? Share them here!

    At the 2018 IUC, I heard a customer was using the Iguana queues to (re)send emailed reports. That kind of thing.


    Steve Ela
    Macro Helix / McKesson
    Software Developer / Integration Lead / Scrum Master

    Hey Steve,

    A few cool things I have seen is using Iguana to automate and schedule jobs to be run, and I’ve also seen another user who had set up a channel which would use the Channel and Log API in order to automatically resubmit all messages which failed due to network outages.

    Hello Steve! As a matter of fact substantial part on iNTERFACEWARE own infrastructure is running on Iguana – to interconnect disparate software systems used by various departments, or to perform repetitive workflow routines e.g. to monitor that no support ticket has missed any of the steps prescribed to its life cycle. Sorry that cannot detail deeper, but it is really doable.

    1. Send daily Iguana process report via e-mail.
    2. Job creation for data extraction.
    3. Summary log files into csv
    4. Event notification via paging service.

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