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Plans for Reporting?

  • Been a while since posting 🙂

    Are there plans for any reports/graphs inside Iguana?

    One that would be helpful is a graph showing messages per hour, per channel.

    I have a simple capture in SQL currently, but something that support could pull up in Iguana would make more sense.

    If I have missed it somewhere, let me know where. If not, please add it to the wish list!

    Steve Ela
    Macro Helix / McKesson
    Software Developer / Integration Lead / Scrum Master

    Hi Steve,

    There is something similar here:

    Monitor Iguana instances and produce graphed results

    This doesn’t currently have the feature to check messages per hour, but you can dig into the code and modify it accordingly.

    Alternatively, you can email and they can make this a feature request!


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