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Post OBX NTE Segment Ignored

  • I have lua code that builds an NTE segment below an OBX segment, the OBX typically contains an encoded PDF result, the NTE is simple text result interpretative data, and in the translator all looks good with the final HL7 being pushed out. However when actual messages start flowing through the translator, the output message is missing just the post OBX NTE segment; has anyone else encountered this issue?

    Hey Baker,

    I think the issue you are having has to do with your VMD as it sounds like it isn’t parsing your messages properly. Try checking your segment configurations in your VMD file (e.g. if the segment is a repeating one, if the segment order matters, etc.).

    To help troubleshoot the issue, you can bring your HL7 message into the translator as sample data and try looking through the annotations to see if you can identify where the segment disappears. I find it really helpful to use the annotations in the translator to help troubleshooting issues like this.

    If you still need help, iNTERFACEWARE’s support team can also assist if you need expert advice.

    I’ve reviewed the VMD and I am using sample messages in the translator with annotations on and the NTE segment appears as expected which is why this is a head scratcher. I’ll work with the Support team.

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