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Programmatically direct outbound messages with LLP

  • Hello,

    I just stumbled across the llp.lua module and was wondering if anyone is selectively directing outbound messages using this or something similar or if it is best practice to have one outbound per listener? Would love to hear thoughts on this.


    A few things to think about with this approach:

    • Without appropriate exception handling, a single malformed message may stop the channel and prevent delivery to multiple downstream endpoints
    • Monitoring becomes a challenge, in that you don’t have a consolidated, operator-oriented view of which connections are “up” or “down”
    • Many legacy HL7 LLP interface engines that you may connect to expect the connection to be persistent and will alert on a disconnect
    • Resending messages that were lost on the downstream side may present a challenge as you can’t simply resend those destined for a single endpoint

    Most of the above can be coded around, but one must weigh the downstream endpoints’ tolerance for risk, the level of effort involved in minimizing disruption, and the cost associated with that effort vs. that of using multiple channels.

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