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Public/Private key files…

  • Can anyone help me understand what I need to request from sites I want to connect to via FTPS or HTTP? I have only ONE channel configured using FTPS where the cert files provided by the vendor satisfy Iguana and let me save the channel without error. I’m new to HTTP etc. I am running over 70 channels but I’ve done virtually everything with LLP listeners/clients.

    Cert file that works looks like this…


    Cert File that errors looks like this…

    The error states that the file is “password protected”, but it is NOT. I can open the file in notepad. Error below…

    Error while setting up To HTTPS configuration: Unable to load private key file ‘C:\CelebRehabCert\welligent_ca.cer’ with no password. Private Key files cannot be password protected. Debug Info: Error Code: 0x0 Description: no start line

    Outside vendors seem to have no idea what I am asking for when I try to explain that Iguana requires BOTH and Public and Private key. I’m either seeing this error or an error stating that the Cert and Private key files do not match. Thanks in advance for any assistance!

    Hello ‘phatbobbie’. Perhaps it was better if you opened a Support ticket with Support.

    The error that states that the file is “password protected” possibly comes from the fact that certificate was created with option to use password. There is such parameter that user can provide when certificate is being created. User can specify if he wants it to be password protected or not. Iguana will not support password protected certificates files or password protected key files.

    The error ‘Unable to load private key file’ comes from the fact that in this certificate file you have only certificate. While in first certificate file you have both certificate and private key. Just compare available separator lines in both files.

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