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Reading HL7 message from Database

  • I know an iguana channel reads HL7 message to database but is it possible to configure a channel such that it could read messages from database rather than any file in specified folder and parse it just like it does as usual?

    I have Version 3.2.152 of Iguana. It has no such option like Translator.

    That’s a goldie oldie. It wasn’t even the last of the Iguana 3 versions which was Iguana 3.3.2. It’s long since passed the end of support date. If you have maintained your support and maintenance then you’ll 100% entitled to move to the latest version of Iguana.

    If you haven’t maintained support, then you can contact sales and we can help you out. We are a business, it takes time and money to pay for good support and engineering to provide good service. We’d be out of business many years ago if all our customers stayed on very old versions of Iguana which are much harder to use (after Windows 7 does anyone really want to continue using Windows 3.1?) and weren’t on support.

    The good news is that Iguana 5.6.6 has all the same interface functionality that Iguana 3.2.152 had.

    We do have a number of customers have got themselves stuck on ancient versions of Iguana for whom it’s scary to make the shift to a more modern version – the longer it gets left the harder it is. It’s bit like not going to dentist for eight years – it gets worse the longer you put it off. One thing that trips up some Iguana 3 customers from shifting to Iguana 5 is that many of the larger sites ended up writing a lot of monitoring code which relied on how Iguana 3 used to use an external SQL databases for logging.

    I’ve written lots of articles in the wiki which are addressed at the types of issues faced by Iguana 3 users upgrading to Iguana 5 which I would be happy to point you to.

    One great thing about Iguana is that you can do a manual install of it (at least you can with modern versions of Iguana – you couldn’t do that with Iguana 3). Doing a manual install gives you enormous control doing an upgrade because you can switch the interfaces over to the new instance of Iguana on the same machine, one by one testing as you go with the ability to easily roll back.

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