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Regular expression to search a specific field in the Logs

  • This came from Will Seifried in our LinkedIn forum but thought I should move it over.
    This is a regex to help you when searching the logs for a specific field (example below)


    SEG = HL7 segment of interest
    n = field of interest
    v = value of interest.

    Using this in the Iguana log search will return all messages with a given value in a given field. If I was looking for all messages with a hospital service of MED, it would look like:


    This only works on the first subfield, so if there are any sub/repeating fields that need to be searched on, this regex needs to be a little more complex.

    I noticed a couple things that need updated to this post. 1 is if you are trying to find information in a particular field this one would allow you to find items in PV1-2 where the value is equal to ‘E’
    The above just locks it into a literal number of ‘|’s but if you prefer to repeat you can try working with this one.

    Some wiki pages with regex examples:

    Note: From my limited regex experience it seems to me that the regex in the first entry may not work as expected.

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