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Script editor-formatting

  • Code indentation
    is a pet
    peeve of ...
    of developers .

    Can a simple “format” code feature be made explicitly available to align the statement begins with their matching ends ?

    There is a very useful trick that you might not aware of that I use all the time. If you select a block of code in the editor and press the tab key then it auto indents everything with 3 spaces. I’ve attached a before and after screenshot.

    Hope it helps!

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    (i.e. the feature exists – it’s just not that discoverable)

    1) I am aware of such behavior in many editors, yet I tried to reproduce that indent-a-block-by-tab behavior in the script editor in Windows 7, 64 bit, IE 11 with no success. 🙁

    2) The indent-a-block-by-tab is really a paragraph level edit. I am seeking a feature that would do the whole file at once within the editor.

    Try it within Chrome.

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