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Simple GUI to add a basic channel

  • Hiya folks!
    We may have another department start creating very basic channels for new clients. They will have only a basic understanding how Iguana works.

    What I would like to do, is have a simple form them can fill out (Hospital ID, TCP Port, and a few other minor things) and click a button.

    This will create a channel, based on specific templates, make those minor changes, and deploy the channel.

    Is any part of this possible in Iguana? The more I can automate, the better.


    Steve Ela
    Macro Helix / McKesson
    Software Developer / Integration Lead / Scrum Master

    Hi Steve,

    This is certainly all possible in Iguana. Since Iguana has a built in web server, you can use it to host a page with the form you are referring to. The information entered in the form can then be used to call Iguana’s Channel API in order to create the channel with the entered information.


    Hi Steve,

    It is likely possible to automate the creation of this channel, but I would say that based on what I see so far, there’s nothing they can’t do fairly easily using the Iguana GUI. Importing a template channel and configuring the port is pretty straightforward with a minimal bit of training or instructions.

    Here are some good resources on what you are trying to achieve:

    Building a custom GUI to configure a template

    HTTP APIs for manipulating channels:

    Casey Trauer,
    Director, Client Education

    Thanks folks. That gives me some great direction to explore!

    Steve Ela
    Macro Helix / McKesson
    Software Developer / Integration Lead / Scrum Master

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