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  • Hello, where can we configure our database to use an encrypted connection? I’ve read this documentation but didn’t see a mention of encryption.

    Conn = db.connect{
    api = db.MY_SQL,
    name = DATABASE_NAME,
    user = DATABASE_USER,
    password = DATABASE_PASSWORD,
    live = true

    What version of MySQL are you running? 5.7.7 and above default to using ssl encryption.

    Jeff Drumm ◊ VP and COO ◊ HICG, LLC. ◊

    Thank you, Jeff! That’s the answer I was hoping for.

    Is there’s a way to setup SSL with MySQL 5.6.27 in Iguana? It seems there are a few reasons for us to hold off on upgrading to 5.7 right now.

    MySQL version 5.6 had to be specifically built with SSL support; do you know whether or not yours was?

    Assuming it was built with SSL support, certificates need to be created and MySQL startup options need to be modified to enable SSL. That’s covered in good detail here. This documentation also tells you how to determine if your MySQL server was built with SSL support.

    It’s possible you many need a special incantation to create a secure connection from Iguana, but I’m going to have to leave that solution for iNTERFACEWARE support.

    FYI, I just checked my local copy (installed in a Ubuntu 14.10 LTS 64bit virtual machine); it’s version 5.6.19 and was not compiled with SSL support.

    Jeff Drumm ◊ VP and COO ◊ HICG, LLC. ◊

    Jeff, thanks for being so generous with your knowledge. This is very helpful for me, as I learn the Iguana landscape.

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