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Unknown software exception in iguana_service.exe

  • Hi, we have installed Iguana 5.6.18 on a Windows XP machine, and it turns out that the Iguana service won’t run. Whenever I start it in “Adminstrative tools / Services”, it crashes immediately with an error message box: “unknown software exception” (0x40000015) in iguana_service.exe (see attached screenshot).
    There was no entry in ServiceErrorLog.txt.
    But when I start “iguana.exe –run” from a cmd window, it seems to work fine.

    Have you ever seen this? Do you have an idea how to find out what is going on?

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    For itself, this Microsoft message has no additional interpretation other let user know that some error has happened with named in this message executable.
    Please feel free to send email to support, it is more of support inquiry.

    OK, I think I have fixed it myself…
    When I called “iguana_service –run”, I got:

    Running service as command line application. (ctrl+C to exit)
    Exception thrown in onRun - server exiting
    Error Code: 0x5DE
    Description: Trying to report the event in SDMservice::reportEvent() on line 65 in SDMlog.cpp - Die Ereignisprotokolldatei ist voll.
    Exiting server.

    Ah-ha! The event log is full? I changed the event log properties so that old events may be overwritten when necessary, and now Iguana works fine again.

    That would difficult for someone who isn’t fluent in german to resolve … though I suppose Google translate might help…

    Actually that worked remarkably well:

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    Microsoft has a web page devoted to translating localized error messages:

    They are really overdoing it, e.g. when they call a .Net “Control” in German “Steuerelement”… I suppose they are trying to do us a favour.

    Anyway, it is good that I can call iguana_service on the command line, and it gives me a helpful error message.

    Tricky one. We’ve been doing some R&D on a different framework for socket programming – lot of interesting variety in terms of error codes even just from Windows using different APIs, throw in the fun of what OS X and Linux produce and it’s an interesting problem…

    We try to minimize touch points with the underlying OS since every API you touch is a point of failure. Windows registry and event log are a world unto themselves in terms of producing problems that can screw up your app…

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