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Updating Iguana Licenses Automatically

  • I work for a vendor who uses Iguana on all of our remote installations and I’ve been working on trying to upgrade Iguana in the background saving the usual month of monotony as I do that for all of our installations. Silently upgrading the iguana executables is easy enough, but I was looking for a way to do the license updates as well. I posted my solution here after some initially positive test results, but I found this isn’t working after all. Here s

          local u = 'http://localhost:6543/submit_license_settings.html?NewLicenseHex='..license
          local updatelisc = net.http.get{url=u,

    I get a 403 return with the following page:


    <title>Iguana Log In</title>
    <!– IE 8 and later: enforce using the latest engine –>
    <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=Edge” />

    <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”/iguana.css?ver_hash=4C446C7F” />


    <!– No Javascript –>

    <div id=”header”>
    <div id=”logo”></div>
    <div id=”version”>


    <div id=”main”>

    <table id=”iguana”>
    <td id=”cookie_crumb”>
    No Javascript

    <tr><td id=”dashboard_body” style=”height: 0px;”><center>

    <h3><font color=”red”>Iguana requires Javascript to be enabled on your browser.</font></h3>
    When you have enabled Javascript, continue.






    <form name=”redirect” action=”/login.html” method=”POST”>

    <input name=”Saved.0.Name” type=”hidden” value=”NewLicenseHex” />
    <input name=”Saved.0.Value” type=”hidden” value=”REMOVED LICENSE FOR FORUM POSTING” />

    <input id=”RedirectLocation” name=”RedirectLocation” type=”hidden” value=”/submit_license_settings.html” />
    <input name=”RedirectRequestMethod” type=”hidden” value=”GET” />
    <script type=”text/javascript”>
    //extract any anchors and attach them to the RedirectLocation
    document.getElementById(‘RedirectLocation’).value += location.href.replace(/^[^#]*/,”);

    Is there another way to pass the license to the Iguana web service? The construction of the link works fine within a browser when logged in to Iguana.

    M.R. McBee

    Hi Ryan,

    Sorry about the slow reply. Was just in Chicago for RSNA. I think it would a lot easier if we just created an official API for you to use for this. It would only obviously be available for more recent versions of Iguana but that would work for upgrade purposes…

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